Linux, NFS, and >4096 files

From: Richard Kaszeta (
Date: Thu May 25 2000 - 17:00:49 EST

Okay, I've got a little research project that involves moving around
*lots* of files (about 16,000 of them), and for a number of reasons
I'd like to keep them together, and not segregated into subdirectories.

The directory I am trying to use is on my SGI server with lots of disk
space, nfs mounted onto the client with the standard options.

Once the nfs directory contains more than 4095 files, then my Linux
machines can no longer 'ls' the directory, or do a number of other
file operations. My SGI and Sun machines have no problem, however.

However, if I copy the files to the local machine (which takes a
*long* time), then I can ls the directory without any problems, so
it seems that Linux NFS has a max number of files limit somewhere.

So, the question is, where is this limit set, and can it be increased?


Richard W Kaszeta 			PhD. Candidate and Sysadmin				University of MN, ME Dept

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