BTTV Audio still doesn't work on 2.3.99-10-pre3

From: German Jose Gomez Garcia (
Date: Thu May 25 2000 - 15:15:07 EST


        I've just updated to 2.3.99-10-pre3 and my AverMedia TVPhone98 is
still silent. It works perfectly under 2.3.16-pre4 + BTTV 0.7.28 + CVS
i2c, so I really don't know where the "bug" could be.

        The card is correctly detected and initialised but the audio just
keeps muted.
        Another problem related to 2.3.99-10-pre3 is that fbtv makes the
framebuffer flash, that is if I run fbtv under matroxfb the screen keeps
flashing as if it where clearing the framebuffer before writting to it.

        - german

PS: Everything else I tested works OK, it seems that it is really
    linux-2.4.0-test1 ;-D

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