Re: _exit(), tcflush() and all that (Re: Problem: shell prompt doesn't

From: Ishikawa (
Date: Thu May 25 2000 - 15:08:36 EST

Alan Cox wrote:

> > It turns out that the linux _exit() was closing the tty and waiting for the
> > tty output to drain before finishing the process cleanly.
> The tty output drain rules are defined by POSIX 1003.1g. In some cases
> it includes a time waiting in close() (thus in _exit())

Thank you for the info.

I did a quick search for the 1003.1g.
It seems to be often quoted in the IPv6 socket extension work.
I have not been able to read the relevant paragraph from
the proposed draft yet.

Once I get hold of the releavent paragraph, I would try to
figure out how the subtle difference of Linux, SunOS 5.7 for x86
can be accommodated by the (proposed) standard.

Happy Hacking


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