Re: -O2 vs -O3

From: Christopher Thompson (
Date: Thu May 25 2000 - 13:39:21 EST

Disclaimer: Probably off-topic now.

On Thu, 25 May 2000, you wrote:
> Then I could compile some stats for the kernel compiled with different
> options (-O2, -06, -Os, and perhaps there are other useful options to
> test with?)

Here are some stats just from compiling the kernel. Please note that I did
*not* try booting any of these kernels so they might not actually work:

quoted time is user time on an unloaded system, compiling 2.3.99-pre8

-O0: fails compile
-O1: 7 min 22 s --> 807594 bytes
-O2: 8 min 38 s --> 830397 bytes
-O3: 8 min 55 s --> 869151 bytes
-Os: 8 min 36 s --> 819874 bytes

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