[SPOILER] Don't read if you don't like spoilers !

From: Mario Mikocevic (mozgy@hic.hr)
Date: Thu May 25 2000 - 11:06:54 EST

ftp.kernel.org --->

v2.4 directory


It doesn't really exist yet.

But I'll be gone for three weeks, and in the meantime there's a
"2.4.0-test1" kernel here. It's not a real 2.4.0 release, but we should
be getting closer. There's going to be other test-kernels after this
one, and we'll find bugs. And bad behaviour. And wonderful features
which we'll document some day.

Alan Cox is most likely to maintain a "2.4.0-ac" series while I'm gone.
Not the same thing as 2.4.0 either, but by testing these test-kernels
out and giving feedback, we'll get to that some day.

Have fun. And let's see how many people find this without it even being
announced ;)


Linus, have fun in those weeks _not_ thinking about linux. :)

Mario Mikočević (Mozgy)
My favourite FUBAR ...

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