Devel kernel floppy module

From: Charles Fulton (
Date: Thu May 25 2000 - 10:26:44 EST

I'm having troubles with the floppy driver in some of the most recent
devel kernels. It's been broken since 2.3.99-pre5. I've tried all of
them since that with no luck.

I get an error message from mount about the disk being write-protected
and trying to mount as read only. There are also quite a few errors
from the module itself that come up on a console but I'm not sure off
hand how to grab them, or I would attach the whole mess. Things to
the effect of "timeout message=redo fd request", a list of last output
bytes, "status=80", fdc_status=busy", "command_status=-1"

This is all on a PII-266 laptop... PIIX4 chipset... etc. The kernel
seems to detect the floppy correctly (1.44MB National
Semiconductor) I can be more specific if it would be helpful.

I have a 2.2 kernel that works... and I've tried some older devel
kernels recently so I'm pretty sure it's not a drive problem.



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