Kernel pre10-3 and Via IDE chipsets, specifically, 82c596/597

From: David Bronaugh (
Date: Thu May 25 2000 - 00:02:17 EST


On boot, the kernel driver for the above mentioned chipset (Via IDE)
detects the 82c596/597 as an ATA/33 core. This isn't true. The chipset
has an ata/66 core.

The motherboard is an Epox EP-MVP3C2, the HD is an IBM DPTA-372050
(ATA/66 drive), and it's attached to an ata/66 cable.

Any suggestions, comments, patches, etc would be welcome.. if it's my
mistake, i'm curious as to why it's listed by Epox as ata/66, why the
bios detects the drive as ata/66, etc.

David Bronaugh

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