Re: [KBUILD] Re: Announcing CML2, a replacement for the kbuild system

From: George (
Date: Wed May 24 2000 - 22:50:16 EST

On Wed, 24 May 2000, Ed Carp wrote:

>Peter Samuelson ( writes:
>> > I don't run X, think it's evil as hell, and love my
>> > faster-than-a-bat-out-of-hell curses stuff, and would hate to have to
>> > butcher the hell out of this stuff so that it doesn't look for the X
>> > libraries at startup...
>> Me too but I do have X libraries installed -- it's just too handy to
>> use distribution binaries and a lot of Debian is linked against xlib
>> even where X is optional. (It's Debian policy in fact -- if you *can*
>> configure with X support, you should, and if you expect that to be a
>> problem, you can provide a secondary package without X.)
>That's *stupid*. What about all those cool linux-router-in-a-box-boot-off-a-folppy
>sort of distributions? They sure can't use Debian...
>I've got an old 486/50 laptop that's got a couple of PCMCIA network cards in
>it, doing routing/NAT stuff between my home LAN and an ADSL line, and it works
>perfectly. It all boots off of floppies, and I'm working on getting it to
>boot off of one. It would be impossible if all my stuff were linked against

Do you build kernels on your router?

If not, then your point is moot.

-George Greer

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