Validity bits random support, U66..... :-(

From: Andre Hedrick (
Date: Wed May 24 2000 - 18:43:05 EST

Greetings All,

It appears that the new rules from February T13 ATA meeting are in place.
This is noted because of people with valid ATA-66 systems and drives are
now seeing the bit-13 of word93 fail detection test. As of this meeting
bit-14 of word93 must now be set a "validity" of bit-13.

The old test of drive->ide->hw_config & 0x2000 now needs to be 0x6000.
This creates a problem because ATA-5 assumes hw_config & 0x2000 and ATA-6
defines hw_config & 0x6000 where bit-14 of word93 is the secondary check
on the devices side........

I am working on a config option to allow discrete selection...

Andre Hedrick
The Linux ATA/IDE guy

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