Driver doesn't work at boot

From: shannon loi (
Date: Wed May 24 2000 - 18:14:29 EST


I'm a newbie in driver stuff and I have this problem
with my driver:

If I boot the machine up (cold/warm boot doesn't
matter) and load my driver (insmod/ifup). The driver
passed loopback test, link is up, I can transmit but
not receive anything. If I unload the driver
and then load it again (insmod/ifup), the driver now
works fine, after this I can bring it up/down anytime.
The problem just happens at the first time loading the


Does it sound like xcvr problem? hardware related? or
kernel/memory related? I allocat receive buffer in
Open routine and return recv buffer/reset the hardware
at Close routine. Some suggestion on what to try?


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