VM and pre9-4 hard lockup

From: Sheer El-Showk (sheer@tartarus.netherrealm.net)
Date: Wed May 24 2000 - 15:01:33 EST


First thanks to everyone who helped me through some really stupid issues I
was having (re: VM and pre2). I downloaded and compiled pre9-pre4 and
tried running my matlab code (the code eats up 190 MB+ -- on a lite
version -- the fuller version is larger and crashes so I don't know how
much it eats up) on my SMP machine with 256 MB RAM and 120 MB swap (this
may well be the problem, but I don't have more disk space to allocate).

Pre9-pre4 performs markedly better than pre2 with regards to swapping out
(pre2 crashed at 6% of my computation, I got to at least 13% with pre9-4
and probably much more and the machine was much more usable), but in the
long run it still hard-locked (for a while I got back some control, but
I got greedy and hoped it would finish so I didn't reboot). So it looks
like there are still some problems. While I'de love to break into the
code and try to help, I have no kernel experience, and right now I
actually need to do work with my matlab code so I don't have the time to
learn. I'm going to try 2.2.14 and see if the machine at leasts stays up.


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