Re: killall -9 does not work !?

From: Chris Faherty (
Date: Wed May 24 2000 - 12:56:51 EST

On 24-May-2000 Chmouel Boudjnah wrote:
> Chris Faherty <> writes:
>> I've gotten stuck processes pretty often ever since the first mandrake
>> release -- i.e. never had them before except with driver problems. It was
> do you mean the 6.0 release ?

No it was 5.3 (Festen), I just found the CD I made. At the time I had a RH
5.2 boxed-set installed that I had upgraded the kernel to 2.2.4 without
problems. I installed the mandrake with equivalent software and I started
having the stuck xterms. I figured it had something to do with the CPU
optimization of all the packages, so after a few days I went back to RH 5.2.
Now the weird part is that I was using the same kernel version.. so I don't
really know what that xterm via rlogin stuckness was about.

With my current setup the stuck processes have all been mundane shell stuff
such as "ls" on a local IDE drive -- it never completes but rather just sits
there although it still lets me type but ctrl-c doesn't work. I run screen
so I'll just do a ctrl-a k and continue on with my life, but it kinda bugs me
that they don't go away with a kill -9. It's actually one of the main
reasons I've been trying new kernels because I keep hoping it goes away :)

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