Re: [PATCH] 3 performance tweaks

From: Stefan Monnier (monnier+lists/linux/kernel/news/@RUM.CS.YALE.EDU)
Date: Wed May 24 2000 - 11:40:29 EST

>>>>> "Manfred" == Manfred Spraul <> writes:
> * gfp could be speed-up: IMHO we should switch from the normal buddy to
> a lazy buddy: as long as noone asks for order>0, we can avoid coalescing
> all pages. I found a reference in "Unix Internals" [the book mentioned
> in mm/slab.c], I'll check that today.

I don't know if this applies here, but Paul Wilson's work on memory
allocation algorithms seems to show that eager coalescing is important
to avoid fragmentation.


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