RE: killall -9 does not work !?

From: Linda Walsh (
Date: Wed May 24 2000 - 09:40:29 EST

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> From: Alan Cox
> > to reboot a UNIX box because a ufsdump or an mt or something got a lock
> > on a tape device and hung. There should probably be a way to kick a
> > process out of uninturruptable sleep, shouldn't there?
> Not neccessarily. A lot of uninterruptible sleeps are 'if this fails its
> reboot time' type of events. Also they should never get stuck in state 'D'.

	I don't know about the original poster's problem -- but in my
situation, httpd reliably hung during the "rc" script initializations (this
was on a 2.2.14-mandrake-ized kernel).  I didn't really care that much about
httpd, and the network was up, so I could just log in and kill the
'rc' script that was starting httpd.  The rest of the system came up

Happened enough times to be a pain, so I just config'ed httpd off.


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