Re: VM problems and pre2

From: Juan J. Quintela (
Date: Wed May 24 2000 - 08:44:22 EST

>>>>> "sheer" == Sheer El-Showk <> writes:

sheer> Does anyone know if the VM problems being discussed pertain to the pre2
sheer> kernel as well. I noticed my system started slowing down when I ran X
sheer> with a high-color backgrounds and hi-res (takes up a lot of memory and
sheer> constantly swapping), but I had no crashes. I upgraded to 256 megs of RAM
sheer> and all was good. Then I tried using matlab and running some
sheer> calculations with a lot of data (matlab has this cute _feature_ where it
sheer> never frees up used memory -- does anyone know if malloc is really that
sheer> slow or if swapping out causes worse overhead) and the whole machine froze
sheer> up on me. Also, before the crash performance was really bad -- I have an
sheer> SMP machine and kswapd took one entire processor. I am going to upgrade
sheer> to a newer kernel and get the classzone patch. Any idea whether this is
sheer> related to the current VM problems.

        It can be related, use the new 2.3.99-pre9 kernel, it has
        fixed all the known bugs (known by me at least) except the
        slowdowns from time to time when there is a lot of dirty
        buffers. I will like to hear your experiences with the new
        kernels. (Note that pre8 is quite bad, use pre9).

Later, Juan.

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