Re: killall -9 does not work !?

From: octave klaba (
Date: Wed May 24 2000 - 03:48:37 EST


> Absolutely not. If you look at an "unkillable" process, it is almot always
> in 'D' state. If you look at the ps manpage, it explains what this is - the
> process is waiting for something else (usually a disk wait) and will not exit
> until the wait is done. This is correct behavior. For an explanation of why
> this is so, either flip through the Bach book ("Design of the UNIX Operating
> System" by Maurice Bach) or look through the kernel source.

it was my case. httpd went in 'D' state.

So I understand well, it was a normal situation ???
What should I have done ? I do not think it is a solution for a server to
be rebooted after a DOS attack :/



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