Problems with 2.3.99pre9 - iptables breakage, alsa breakage.

From: David Bronaugh (
Date: Wed May 24 2000 - 03:10:28 EST

Hey... it appears that 2.3.99pre9 breaks iptables. Also, ALSA doesn't
work (snd.0: unresolved symbol lookup_dentry)

note: iptables coredumps upon being called.

Also, what's up with ppp? These are some of the messages i get:
May 23 23:08:33 WoodBox pppd[1408]: tdb_store key failed: Corrupt
May 23 23:08:33 WoodBox pppd[1408]: tdb_store failed: Corrupt database

Anyways, since i'm no coder, and i don't know any of this code, i
thought i'd tell the right people.

btw, alsa and iptables (ip_conntrack et al) worked fine on pre7-4, pre6,
etc. didn't try pre8

David Bronaugh

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