Re: 3com NIC problems with interface configuration

From: Andrew Morton (
Date: Fri May 12 2000 - 18:05:18 EST


I'm posting here way too much. I was #3 poster on the kerneltraffic
hall of shame last week :(

In future I'll be pushing most of the 3com NIC discussion onto

Interested parties will find subscription info at

"Allen K. Smith" wrote:
> I fixed the autonegotiation stuff by just adding |HAS_NWAY to the 905C
> definition in 3c59x.c

That's the one. Hopefully it will fix Igor's negotiation problems. My
latest&greatest 2.2 driver is at . It
includes the HAS_NWAY fix.

Please try it out - I'd be interested in seeing if it fixes Lee's Tx
stalling problems. These are usually Tx timeouts and a couple of causes
of this were nailed in this patch. One cause still remains; in the 2.3
driver I'm using a TxReset to recover from 16 successive collisions. I
didn't backport this into the 2.2 driver because it's damn rare and the
fix is contrary to the published documentation...

> I'm not seeing any stalls here, although I do get the:
> eth0: 3Com 3c905C Tornado at 0xe880, ***INVALID CHECKSUM 005f***
> 00:c0:4f:04:f0:28, IRQ 10
> checksum message.

You and half the rest of the world :)

I think there may be a logic problem in the reportage of this checksum.
If you run 'vortex-diag -ee' (
you'll see that it displays the results of three different checksum
algorithms. If they're all wrong then yeah, your EEPROM has been
corrupted. It's usually benign though.


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