Re: Hanging SCSI bus with Adaptec 2940U2W + Amptron PM-9600B

From: G. Hugh Song (
Date: Fri May 12 2000 - 05:14:33 EST

>Sounds like your bus isnt terminated. Not sure about that hard drive, but
> if it's an LVD device, then even though there may be a jumper for said
> termination, there isn't a single lvd drive in production that has
> builtin termination, so you need to go drop $30 on a devent active LVD
> terminator.

> Kelsey Hudson

I simply thought that a LVD drive is assumed to be hooked to a
auto-terminating SCSI controller. Maybe I was wrong. BTW, I would
like to confirm Mr. Hudson's comment. Is that really true?

If it is true, what is the rationale of not putting a termination
jumper in the drive?


G. Hugh Song

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