Task locks ??

From: Matthias Urlichs (smurf@noris.net)
Date: Thu May 11 2000 - 06:41:12 EST


I womder what this patch (from 2.3.99.pre7.8 => 7.9) is supposed to
accomplish. perhaps somebody can enlighten me..?

drivers/char/tty_io.c: ... if(...!current->tty...) {

+ task_lock(current);
        current->tty = tty;
+ task_unlock(current);
        current->tty_old_pgrp = 0;

Since reads of current->tty are not locked, I fail to see any reason for
this change.

Same question, only worse, with this changed code (kernel/exit.c):

+ struct files_struct * files = tsk->files;
        if (files) {
+ task_lock(tsk);
+ tsk->files = NULL;
+ task_unlock(tsk);
+ put_files_struct(files);

If two threads really can run this code at the same time, the locks
don't help. If not, they're unnecessary.

Better code:

        if (tsk->files) {
                struct files_struct * files = tsk->files;
                tsk->files = NULL;
        } else

or, since put_files_struct really doesn't take long and the additional
complexity is unnecessary, simply

        if (tsk->files) {
                tsk->files = NULL;


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