RE: Future Linux devel. Kernels

From: Khimenko Victor (
Date: Wed May 10 2000 - 08:09:17 EST

In <000801bfba00$7bf42f30$1f0201c0@lw100> Ron Van Dam ( wrote:
>>> IP> A very better idea is to secure programs, and avoid programs running
RD> as
>>> IP> root.
>>> In ideal world - yes. In real world it does not work: programs are
RD> created
>>> by humans and thus holes are inavoidable in programs of decent size.

>>I rather have a hole in my non-user running app then in some app that runs
>>as root..

RD> Is there any way to compromise root, via a buffer overflow or some other
RD> means, even if the application using a non-previleged user id? Aren't there
RD> situations where running a userland daemon requires root access.

VERY rare.

RD> For instance, arpd or a routing daemon (routed, gated) that needs be able
RD> to write settings into the kernel?

They DO NOT need ability to change any part of kernel. They need exactly what
they need: ability to change tables in kernel.

RD> Is it possible to configure the Linux kernel so that it is secure.

Not yet.

RD> If so, what are your thoughts about including a configure option
RD> "make config" to secure the kernel.

It's big project. You need to carefully review all suser() checks/CAPABILITIES
checks in kernel and then add option "uid 0 is not special".

RD> So that unsecure functions were disabled when runnning in mult-user mode?

echo to /proc/sys/kernel/cap-bound is too hard for you ?

RD> I understand this would break some userland apps (X, multimedia apps, etc).
RD> However If your setting up a linux box as a firewall or web server or a box
RD> that needs to very secure, I don't think these type of apps would be
RD> installed anyway. Would there be really any need for direct
RD> hardware access for a box serving as a firewall or Web server?

God knows. Close it and see (do not try to write 0 in there -- this will
remove all power from root so on reboot even unmount will fail)...

RD> Would a "Sercure Kernel" compile option be an acceptable solution/compromise
RD> to this issue?

No need for "Secure Kernel" option. You can just add 1 (one) echo command
to startup scripts. If you need "Trusted Linux" it's still distant future
(not only kernel should be changed - you need LOTS of small tweaks in userland).

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