New PC speaker patch against 2.2.15 available.

From: David Woodhouse (
Date: Wed May 10 2000 - 04:33:53 EST

I've made a new patch, against 2.2.15, for the PC speaker driver. It's at said:
> I get 9 Hunk FAILEDs patching 2.2.15 with patch-pcsp-soundcore-2.2.13.
> Maybe there is a better version of patch out there? This is vanilla
> Slackware 7.0

I applied the 2.2.13 patch against a clean 2.2.15 kernel, and all that
failed was the patch to joystick.c. Slackware must have changed something
else which caused the conflicts. said:
> If we stick with grabing the present timer and get an interupt 8000
> times a second, why not pass control to the kernel's interupt handler
> only every 80th time, so it still receives 100Hz? >

This is what we already do, although the numbers are different. I've heard
that this is what Linus objects to, and hence the reason why it hasn't
been incorporated yet. I've not actually had that confirmed by Linus,


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