386/387 Coupling on VA6 board with 600 Coppermine

From: Timothy Legge (tlegge@fundy.net)
Date: Tue May 09 2000 - 19:57:25 EST


I have been lurking for a while, to see if my question would be asked, but
unfortunately it was not and I could not find it in the faq.

I have a Pentium III 600 EB (Coppermine) on an Abit board with the VIA
Apollo chipset (VA6) with 128 Megs.

All of the 2.2 based distributions that I have tried from (RedHat, Mandrake,
Corel and Slackware) all fail on the boot, with Checking 386/387 coupling:
387 Failed Trying to reset.

I managed to install Slackware 7 with the no387 option, and then I
downloaded and tried the 2.3.99pre5 kernel. The 2.3.99pre5 kernel was able
to boot with no problem, (I did not have to pass the no387 option)

I have taken this to mean, that my problem was that the 2.2 series did not
support this motherboard/cpu but the 2.3 series does.

Is this correct or was my initial belief that I had bought a dud closer to
the truth.

Thanks in advance


Tim Legge

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