Re: devfs persistence

From: Theodore Ts'o (
Date: Mon May 08 2000 - 20:15:24 EST

   From: Christoph Rohland <>
   Date: 02 May 2000 17:25:53 +0200

> You haven't checked recently, then.... fsck has had that support for a
> while now.

   But at least on Red Hat 6.1 and TurboLinux 6.0 it does not work during
   bootup. Does it need /proc mounted?

Yes, it does, so it can scan valid partitions using /proc/paritions.
In e2fsprogs 1.19 there will be an explicit error message to indicate
this case. IIRC, I believe with RedHat 6.2 /proc is mounted so that
fsck does the right thing. (I did have to modify /erc/rc.sysinit for
RH 6.1, but I don't remember needing to modify it for RedHat 6.2).

                                                - Ted

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