RE: Future Linux devel. Kernels

From: Simon Richter (
Date: Mon May 08 2000 - 17:29:22 EST

On Mon, 8 May 2000, Linda Walsh wrote:

> I wonder if this would work: if you had a B/W security video recorder
> that only recorded frames when it detected motion (difference in input
> signal), then have a TV board in your computer. Have it generate a
> blue screen normally,

I think a 386 from the recycle center is cheaper and better. Believe me,
we're running servers on those machines... :-)

> That would be one solution. The problem w/that is that there may be
> systems collecting and processing data 24 hrs/day -- you know, like
> the ones that snoop all our internet traffic (:-)) that you wouldn't
> want to have to take down to single user to do maintenance.

Those machines don't run Linux. Intel's processors are too slow. :-)

> Also, you might need network access to perform some tasks. I know
> networker likes to remotely log in as root to do automatic backups while we are sleeping.
> But there might be a definable set of things 'root' could be limited to do ... would take
> some thinking about the various tradeoffs.

You don't need any privilege beyond universal file read to do backup.
Since this is not far above an user's read access (In fact, only minus
/etc/shadow, some /var directories and the homes), this isn't too great a
security risk, at least on today's systems.


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