Re: [PATCH] address_space_operations unification

From: Steve Dodd (
Date: Sun May 07 2000 - 15:14:26 EST

On Sun, May 07, 2000 at 12:26:44PM -0700, Linus Torvalds wrote:
> On Sun, 7 May 2000, Roman V. Shaposhnick wrote:

> > Thus in my *very* humble opinion there was a problem -- pagecache should
> > be generic while it is not.
> I like to think of it as "there is a small subset of the page cache
> functionality that is truly generic, but most ofit is very much geared
> towards giving the internal Linux semantics for IO".

OK, that's the bit I didn't get originally, but it makes sense: an
address_space is effectively two things lumped together for efficiency, one
being the data and methods the page cache needs to sync page writes, write
back dirty data, etc., and the other being methods related to file data.

> Hmm.. I thought we did the NULL thing for "writepage" too, but it seems
> that we will actually do the swapout() with a known file every time. I'd
> like to change that some day: we should be able to mark the page dirty in
> "struct page", and then rely on shrink_mmap() to be able to write out a
> page without even knowing who dirtied it.

I'd been thinking on similar lines. I also suspect there may be some cleanup
that could be done to the "swapping" code, but I've not looked too closely
as the mm stuff is scary :-)

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