Re: /dev/kmem

From: Josh Huber (
Date: Wed Jan 12 2005 - 20:53:00 EST

On Sat, May 06, 2000 at 03:41:52AM -0700, George Anzinger wrote:
> I am more interested in making kernel symbols and their values available
> to programs. For example I currently need the value of
> "delay_at_last_interrupt" a wonderful value that the time.c keeps.
> I assume that I can clip code from ksymoops to fetch the symbol address
> and hopefully its value. Since this thing changes each 10ms I need to
> get it in a hurry.
I'd recommend taking a look at crash, which was mentioned earlier in this
thread. (

This utility allows examining kernel state, both from a live system and from
a dump obtained at system crash time.


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