Re: Does Linux support Intel 810 chipset graphics card ?

From: Shashikiran Guruprasad (
Date: Mon May 08 2000 - 03:57:37 EST


> I recently a machine with Intel 810 chipset motherboard ( I want to run
> Linux on it :) ). But I am facing a problem here.
> This motherboard comes with on board graphics and sound cards. I wanted
> to know whether Linux supports these cards.
> Graphics card is Intel 810 chipset graphics ( they call it that way :( )
> and Adi 8110(?) sound card. I am not able to get my desktop resolution

I have a system that has Tomato Motherboard with onboard AGP based on
Intel 810 chipset and it uses the system RAM for video memory. The reason
that you don't get good resolution is because the X server is unable to
find the video RAM. A kernel module along with a suitable X server will do
the trick. You can download the required files from Intel's support site :

As for the sound support, as it was not high on my priority list, I
haven't tried anything yet. I do plan to try OSS or ALSA soon.


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