Re: proc corruption 2.2.16pre1

From: H.J. Lu (
Date: Thu May 04 2000 - 18:35:52 EST

> proc corruption 2.2.16pre1
> From: Andrea Arcangeli (
> Date: Wed May 03 2000 - 14:14:03 EDT
> The fix in 2.2.16pre1 for the /proc corruption issues is not complete. I
> also suggest to use my approch at least in the serial case where I just
> spent the time to rewrite it, since it will make sure to not get corrupted
> lines due the serial port that changes state from under us while we
> returned from the rs_proc_read and where we don't hold any lock and it
> will be also more efficient and simpler. The only downside of my approch
> is that lseeks will work in units of lines and not of bytes but who runs
> lseek in /proc/tty/driver/serial and how many instead reads such file and
> want to see it not corrupted?

Please don't make such an assumption. I don't know what stdio
will do on files under /proc. It may just call lseek.


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