Re: classzone-VM + mapped pages out of lru_cache

From: Joerg Stroettchen (
Date: Thu May 04 2000 - 16:34:05 EST

Andrea Arcangeli wrote:
> On Thu, 4 May 2000, Shane Shrybman wrote:
> >improvements but, I also experience lockups. No oops or messages were
> >recorded. I am unable to pin it down to a particular event, moving
> >windows around in X seems to lock the machine. I am using XFree4.0 if it
> Note that if you are inside X you must use serial console to be able to
> see the Oops.
> Moving mouse in X (unless you are under heavy VM load) doesn't involve
> memory allocations or page faults so I don't see how that can be
> related. I guess it's something else that runs while you're moving
> the mouse.
> >I have placed my config and bzImage at:
> >
> >
> I'll try it now, thanks.
> Andrea


just tried the 2.3.99-pre7-3+classzone-18, which works wonderfull
(bonnie -s 400 (RAM=226, kernel compiling, StarOffice (X-4.0)) until I
try to access a mail-folder in netscape-4.7.


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