Re: Patch pre7-4: Update struct_timer.list update for all (at least x86) files

From: Adam J. Richter (
Date: Thu May 04 2000 - 10:42:39 EST

Vandoorselaere Yoann <> writes:
>Driver which are manually setting the prev & next member of their
>timer structure are wrong <grin>.
>There is a macros called init_timer() (linux/timer.h) which is
>specifically designed for that.
>When the list change, only the macros need to be changed.

        Yes, you are right. I had not noticed that macro.
However, there appears to be only one place where that could
be used in my patch (in drivers/atm/iphase.c). I have modified
that file per your advice, and checked it into our source tree.
I will see what other input comes in throughout the day, and then
make a new patch (unless there is a new pre-pre- release that
incorporates all of this). Thanks for catching this!

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