From: Andrea Arcangeli (
Date: Wed May 03 2000 - 11:34:38 EST

I have a procfs problem on alpha that IMHO should be unrelated to the
classzone-VM-18 patch, however I never run 2.3.99-pre7-pre3 without the
classzone patch applied so if you think it may be related let me know and
I'll recompile without it. It didn't happened to me yet on IA32 (and IA32
runs with the classzone patch applied too and I never had a problem with
it yet).

According to my fast read to the alpha asm it seems inside proc_fd_link()
the inode->u.proc_i.file->f_dentry is NULL or anyway not a pointer to
valid dentry. I think the file that had to be read from the /proc/*/fd
directory was a pipe. (I get a unaligned-fault-in-kernel while reading
dentry->d_count, dentry->dcount happened to be at virtual address 0x42 and
previously it happened to be also 0x41 if I remeber well) btw, to compile
2.3.99-pre7-pre3 on alpha I did this below simple patch but it shouldn't
matter too.



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