BUG in 2.3.51 kernel

From: Archan Paul (archanp@bigfoot.com)
Date: Wed May 03 2000 - 06:49:41 EST

Dear Alan Cox,

I have promised to provide the information about the Linux 2.3.51 kernel

bug which I encountered in the last week. I said that I encountered the
when I patched the 2.3.51 kernel with 2.3.99 reiserFS patch. But the
problem still persists without patching the kernel. The problem is as
follows :

    1. Kernel compiled with loopback option on
    2. when I tried to mount the iso image using the loopback device the
m/c hangs.
    3. when I specify the wrong filesystem option in -t of the mount
command, the kernel
         gives the segmentation fault
   4. the problem zone is at the atomic_read(&bdev->bd_openers) at
426 line of block_dev.c

This is not formatted kernel bug report. I will send the bug report in
the formal pattern ...


Archan Paul
Lateral Linux Labs
ICQ - 61737056

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