Re: [PATCH] (for 2.3.99pre6) audit_ids system calls

From: Alan Curry (
Date: Tue May 02 2000 - 13:24:34 EST

Linda Walsh writes the following:
> The bug is that any major commercial operating system provides
>at least "C2" or "CAPP" level 'trust' (including MS NT). One of the requirements for this level of 'trust' is that audit actions be able to be
>written corresponding to the appropriate 'authenticated' (as in they
>gave a "password" (literal password or other biometric)). Currently,
>none of the uid values can be guaranteed to remain constant for
>a login session. Thus the luid fix.

So finally, you admit CAPP is a bug :)

And why again does the "literal password" supplied at the su password prompt
not count?

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