2.2.14 Weird Userland NFS bug...

From: Robert Dinse (nanook@eskimo.com)
Date: Tue May 02 2000 - 00:22:42 EST

     Have run into a strange NFS bug with the userland NFS, actually doesn't
really matter userland or kernel as this is a case of the NFS file system being
mounted FROM a SunOS box onto a Linux box, SunOS box SunOS 4.1.4, Linux kernel

     Here is what happens; I have a web server running under Linux reading
files on a SunOS system. If I change the permissions on a file on the SunOS
file system, the Linux machine doesn't see it unless I also do a "touch file"
to update the last updated time.

     I am using the Apache X-bit hack for SSI, so this has a significant
effect. Not a big deal to work around but it's something that really should be
fixed since it's also potentially a security issue. I.E., you take permissions
OFF of a file expecting it to be inaccessable, but it's not.

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