Re: Promise card no longer work as ide0/1?

From: Adam Fritzler (
Date: Mon May 01 2000 - 21:47:35 EST

I'll take that. I would say that it probably should be ttyS0, but I think
the serial ports are a major exception in the current design of
things. But I don't advocate changing that. Convention has led it ttySx
to be defined as they are now. I could care less. I can fiddle with that
once my machine is booted.

My ide problem is a bit more tragic. We could blame it on LILO. It
should be able to see that hde really is the first drive on the first
controller in the system (0x80 by BIOS). And it should work around it,
and not just give up and spit out a message saying it can't install lilo
onto the MBR of the fifth drive in the system.

But theres convention here too. And for Linux, the convention happens to
be documented... (Documentation/devices.txt)

    block First MFM, RLL and IDE hard disk/CD-ROM interface
                  0 = /dev/hda Master: whole disk (or CD-ROM)
                 64 = /dev/hdb Slave: whole disk (or CD-ROM)

                For partitions, add to the whole disk device number:
                  0 = /dev/hd? Whole disk
                  1 = /dev/hd?1 First partition
                  2 = /dev/hd?2 Second partition
                 63 = /dev/hd?63 63rd partition

                For Linux/i386, partitions 1-4 are the primary
                partitions, and 5 and above are logical partitions.
                Other versions of Linux use partitioning schemes
                appropriate to their respective architectures.

How about that. "First...IDE...interface... /dev/hda". I have a single
master connected to a single controller. Why don't I have an hda? (Yes,
you can get an hdc even if you don't have an hdb. I don't have all the

I could also point out that SCSI numbers everything starting from
zero. And your first SCSI drive on the first controller will always be
sda (as far as I know).

Should I make a patch for Documentation/devices.txt that attempts to
define this new convention that ide seems to now have?


On Mon, 1 May 2000, Mike Castle wrote:

> On Mon, May 01, 2000 at 05:12:29AM +0000, Adam Fritzler wrote:
> > It just makes sense to me that that first of anything should be numbered
> > zero. Second, one. Third, two. Fourth, three. Not have my first
> > numbered as two and second labelled as three. It just doesnt make sense
> > to me to have two and three if you don't have zero and one first.
> If I have only one serial port on COM2, what should I expect the equivalent
> /dev/ttyS? to be?
> mrc
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