Re: Booting to >8GB...

From: Marcus Meissner (
Date: Mon May 01 2000 - 15:45:36 EST

> > Check out the GRUB at
> >
> > We are shipping it as default with OpenLinux eDesktop 2.4 and so far
> > the only negative reactions have been the change from the familar lilo
> > configuration to an new configfile.
> I am a Caldera supporter from _way_ back (Preview I Beta). I lobbied
> long and hard to get Webmin (since webmin-0.16 or so). I also
> co-authored Que Special Edition Using Caldera OpenLinux. But I think
> using GRUB was a _big_ mistake:
> 1. GRUB is _very_ (actually pre-) alpha.

Surprisingly (well, no, we _DID_ test it ;) it works rather well.

Excepting one small configuration problem caused by our installer,
the only costumer complaints we had was the change away from LILO. No
technical problems.

> 2. Documentation is _only_ available in info form (Caldera doesn't

KDE Help can browse GNU info files just like any other hypertext file.

(But yes, I hate info files too.)

> 4. LILO (yes, I know their developers are difficult to contact/work
> with) is stable, mature, and can now boot from a kernel image at the end
> of a 2 Tb partition (two terabytes -- don't ever let power drop to that
> thing without a journaling filesystem, it'll take _months_ to fsck).

But it still uses the precalculated blocks, aka needing to rerun
LILO after installing a new kernel, doesn't it?

GRUB does understand ext2/vfat/(some kind of BSD fs) at the moment.
You just point it to the partition and can access files just as you
want them. No rerun of any program needed.

It also is extendable, you can write your own modules for it. In C,
protected mode (like other filesystems etc.)

> This was a very bad, uncharacteristically un-pragmatic (if there is such
> a word) decision for Caldera to make. Hopefully, you'll go back to LILO
> (at least it has a man page).

We wanted to get rid of the 1024 cylinder limit. GRUB was the best way at
that time.

Ciao, Marcus

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