Re: devfs persistence

From: Alan Cox (
Date: Sat Apr 29 2000 - 15:10:22 EST

> > Oh and factor something else in. You haven't see logical volume
> > management with style until you've see SAN wide volume management
> > across multiple hosts
> Does this mean you see identification as a hard problem? Or that
> people shouldn't do such strange things with SAN?

Mostly - nobody has all of this figured out. Also that you need to think
much of the time at partition level not disk level. It is quite sane to
share a disk between two hosts. GFS even allows shared writable access to
the same partitions.

To do stuff partition level you need uuids. You also in a SAN do probably need
some dynamic handling. Firstly a device can move while you are using it,
secondly you want multi-path support. Part of the SAN can fail and you need
to find alternative paths to a given disk.


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