Re: Is shared memory now only for use by the kernel in 2.3.x????

From: Ricky Beam (
Date: Sat Apr 29 2000 - 11:48:52 EST

On Thu, 27 Apr 2000, Tigran Aivazian wrote:
>SHMMAX is a default value of kernel variable called shm_ctlmax which
>happens to be a sysctl tunable and therefore is available by reading from
>/proc/sys/kernel/shmmax. What's wrong with reading that file (apart from
>being incompatible with other OSes)?

Oh, maybe, because I DON'T WANT TO READ SOME *** DAMNED TEXT FROM /proc
TO GET A FUCKING NUMBER. (pass that through figlet to get the full effect.)

First, it requires one's kernel to have procfs enabled. Second, it requires
the program (user) to have read access to /proc. Third, it requires a metric
buttload of unnecessary shit-code in the source to grok text intended for
a human to glean a simple number from the kernel.

The relatively undocumented shmctl() commands IPC_INFO and SHM_INFO can
retrieve this information properly. However, there are indications that
the binary-ness of this could be moved to "a proc file system interface"
at some time in the future.

(Gez, are we going to start programming everything in prolog now?)


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