Help on FastTrack Ultra66 card

From: Chris Chabot (
Date: Sat Apr 29 2000 - 07:32:39 EST

Hi, Ive bought a couple of the promise ultra66 FASTtrack cards, and im
trying to get it working in my linux system (rh6.2 w/ 2.3.99pre6 to be

When i bring up the system (w/ pdc202xx compiled into the kernel), it
recognises the card, and gives me 2 extra ide drives (hde and hdf in
this case), but there's 4 drives attached to the card (specificly 4x
maxtor 92xxxx's, 20gb disks).

Also im wondering if its posible to support the raid part of this card,
if so, are there any docs on doing so? ive searched all the
howto's/man's/etc but havent been able to find any reference on how to
get this working ..

So if any one can give me any pointers to either detect all 4 drives (so
i can linux raid them) or get the fasttrack raid feature to work under
linux (prefered!), i would be forever greatfull..

    -- Chris Chabot

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