[patch] reset ATAPI device before probing, 2.2.14

From: Christian Zietz (czietz@gmx.net)
Date: Fri Apr 28 2000 - 05:41:51 EST


Last try to post my patch... It seems that the list doesn't like me. While
one of my questions appeared in the list after 5 minutes, the three
messages regarding the patch I sent to the list were apparently rejected.
If they weren't and you got the patch before please notify me.
This patch is slightly different from the one I tried to post here without
success before.
As I don't want do subscribe to the list for long time because of the
heavy traffic I kindly request you to CC your answers.

Since 2.2.0 the kernel hasn't autodetected my IDE CD-ROM drive anymore
(2.0.36 did). I had to append "hdc=cdrom" to the kernel params.
Now I found out that my CD-ROM (some kind of non-labeled OEM product,
probably made by Acer) returns an error when queried for identification
if it has not been (soft-)reset before. As it doesn't timeout but return
an error the do_probe function in ide-probe.c aborts, the drive isn't
autodetected and the IRQ probe for the second IDE channel fails, too.
My patch changes ide-probe.c so that if the first attempt to identify an
ATAPI device fails (by time-out or because of an error) the device will
be soft-reset before trying again.
The URL is: http://www.chez.com/chzsoft/ide-probe.patch2.gz

CU Christian

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