Re: devfs persistence

From: EXT / DEVOTEAM VAROQUI Christophe (
Date: Fri Apr 28 2000 - 03:50:37 EST


Do you know if the's GFS implement UUID ?

Why rely on FS maintainers to implement a standart UUID scheme when there's
already an unique identifier in the device firmware.
I don't know of USB or FireWire devices but they may have one too.

I see two choices :
1. Having pseudo-persitant devnames and mount by UUID (what is planned with
2. Having real persistant devnames based on WWN and mount by devname

I'd rather go for #2

As a reference (for what it's good:) Tru64 an TruCluster have switched from
Host/Bus/Target/Lun-based devnames to a /dev/disks/diskn type of devnaming
(based on UUID). They clealy did so to for better Clustering and Fiber
Channel support.

christophe varoqui
(sysadm), FR

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