Re: Which 3ware driver?

From: Ove Ewerlid (
Date: Thu Apr 27 2000 - 15:54:53 EST wrote:
> I recently acquired a 3ware 5400. Should I be using the driver supplied
> as a part of the 2.2.15pre19/20 kernel or the one 3ware included on
> disk?

I can only share from my experience but I've always used the drivers
supplied in the kernel. I've removed one disk in a RAID1 mirror and
had this reported by 3dm.
Took longer then I thought, but after approx 60 seconds, a report was
and subsequent calls to 3dm reported the array as "unsafe".

This is under 2.2.15pre[5] + ide patches.
3dm works under pre20 + ide patches but I have not tested to remove

FYI, I also used 3ware under 2.3.99.x (crashes kernel under heavy IO,
streaming 40 MB/s from a RAID0 array). For some reason linux defaults
PCI latency to 0 causing very bad performance. Setting latency to 0x40
setpci fixes this.

What do you mean by "not working"?


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