re-using buffer_head

From: Badrinath Venkatachari (
Date: Thu Apr 27 2000 - 15:12:15 EST

  When make_request() is called from ll_rw_block() for disk I/O, it first
finds out if the buffer_head is uptodate. If the buffer_head is uptodate,
then it returns...

 What I want to do is to make make_request() return if the buffer_head
passed to it is NOT uptodate and have a piece of code inside ll_rw_block()
which checks for the return without being satisfied from the cache and
blocks for sometime before calling make_request() again but this time to
get the data from the disk instead. To do this, is it legal if i use the
same buffer_head that i had when I tried the first time...Are there any
issues that i have to be careful about like the buffer_head being given to
another process ???

(Assume that i have extended the buffer_head to include information that
would force make_request() to let it go through the second time to get
data from the disk without simply returning as in the first instance).



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