Re: Is shared memory now only for use by the kernel in 2.3.x????

From: Christoph Rohland (
Date: Thu Apr 27 2000 - 12:53:07 EST writes:

> Using 2.3.99pre6-6, I noticed that SHMMAX has been moved to linux/shm.h and
> that this file is only useable if you have __KERNEL__ defined, otherwise
> the headers it includes basically blow up due to symbols such as kdev_t not
> getting defined. Was this on purpose? If not, maybe we can fix this,
> because otherwise app builders using shared memory and trying to honor
> system boundaries are going to have some problems.

#include <sys/types.h>
#include <linux/shm.h>

        printf ("shmmax = %d\n", SHMMAX);

Works for me.

BTW it is probably much better to check the runtime settings with
shmctl(0, SHM_INFO, ...). The limits are all tuneable now.


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