Generic API for asynchronous filesystems (was Re: 2.3.99-pre6-pre7 sync_page in remove_inode_page)

From: Trond Myklebust (
Date: Thu Apr 27 2000 - 05:06:53 EST

Perhaps I should explain more carefully what I see sync_page() being
useful for.

In essence I meant it to be a hint from the VFS to the underlying
filesystem that it wants to change the state of the page in some
fashion that is affected by/will affect asynchronous operations.

Currently, that means:

  1) I want to grab the page lock. Please complete the pagein or
     whatever other asynchronous operations that are holding us up.

  2) I want to reclaim the page. Please put out any pending
     asynchronous writes on this page as quickly as you can.

The idea with the latter is ultimately to provide a unified interface
for memory reclaiming. In particular I want to allow a cleanup of
shrink_mmap() to make it work on generic filesystems which support
asynchronous operations.

I thought that the 2 cases could be combined into 1 callback and that
the filesystem should be able to decide from context what exactly
needs to be done. Perhaps this assumption was wrong, and we should

  1) sync_page()
  2) reclaim_page()

as 2 different callbacks?


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