Adaptec SCSI Driver fails during mirroring failover testing (2.2.15/2.3.99-pre6)

From: Jeff V. Merkey (
Date: Thu Apr 27 2000 - 03:12:59 EST

On a 4 processor POCA server with 4 hot-swappable 10GB SCSI-II hard disk
drives that have been configured as a mirror group of 4 mirrored NetWare
volumes the Adaptec SCSI driver on Linux fails during mirror failover

The test is simple and involves pulling active hot-swappable SCSI hard
disk drives out of the POCA server during heavy file system I/O and
remirroring operations. The Adaptec SCSI driver immediately disables
ALL OTHER SCSI devices in the system when it detects an I/O failure on a
single device. The SCSI Disks are attached to the SCSI controllers in
groups of two disks per SCSI BUS. During the failover test, the Adaptec
driver not only disabled the SCSI bus with the hard drive that had been
removed, but also disabled the other bus as well, and locked up the
Asych IO subsystem in Linux.

The Adaptec Driver also kept garbaging the console with "resetting bus
messages" repeatedly before completely locking up the server and
corrupting the EXT2 file system on the active SCSI bus.

On I/O error, or a SCSI command timeout error, the driver should simply
return I/O errors to the system and leave the remaining SCSI devices
operational on the system.


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