Re: devfs - why not ?

From: Riley Williams (
Date: Tue Apr 25 2000 - 11:42:16 EST

Hi all.

>> Actually, MS-DOS formatted floppies have had a serial number
>> since the beginning of time:

> "MS-DOS 3.0" was not "the beginning of time", sorry.

It also wasn't the point at which MS-DOS gained serial numbers
since, whilst 3.00 reserved a field for serial numbers, it wasn't
until 3.10 that anything made any use of that field: The 3.00
FORMAT command always assigned the serial number 0000-0000 to
anything it formatted, so can't be said to have made any real use

However, this is decidedly off-topic for a Linux list, so I
suggest we discontinue coverage of this topic at this point...

Best wishes from Riley.

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