Re: VM: Bizzare MM tricks...

Date: Wed Apr 26 2000 - 23:56:57 EST

Alan Cox <> wrote:
> Use mmap. It is the only really sane way in generic 2.2. If you try and
> write an NT API driver into Linux you will suffer far more than writing
> a Linux API driver and a little glue library that fakes their API

        I would if I could - I have a legacy code base of ~45000 lines
of kernel code (it's a 200K kernel module with the NT DDK stubs),
plus ~13000 lines of API library.

        It turns out that the customer doesn't need that particular API call
for their target application, so I can put this bear off until I
can get them to rework their API to be ameniable to both Linux and NT.

        As the Polish in Pittsburgh say: Oy Vey!

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