Re: hi (Sridhar tries to use a serial port known to serial driver)

From: peter swain (
Date: Wed Apr 26 2000 - 18:29:24 EST

Sridhar Uravakonda wrote:
> hello all,
> This is Sridhar from Bangalore, India. I am badly stuckup in a problem.
> Please suggest me of any possible solutions.
> I have written a serial module which will reserve serial port (0x3fe8) and
> will poll on that port.
> But I am encountering a problem in doing this.
> I am not able to reserve the port because already some one has reserved it
> (I guess it is a serial driver). Since I am new to Linux kernel fundas, I am
> not able to solve this problem. Please suggest solutions if any.

i think what you need is a new line discipline (ie a new serial
for the *existing* serial.c driver.

look at tty_ldisc.h, for the basic structure. A good example of
a new line discipline might be the joystick drivers, where various
protocols are handled by the one structure.
Admittedly joysticks aren't usually usning standard serial ports, but
classic example for serial.c clients is ppp, which is probably too large
beast to serve as an introduction.


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